Good Advice

As a result of the Marysville Journal Tribune article about my upcoming trip, I received an interesting call from Gene Johnson, a retired Air Force resident of Marysville, who made a 33 day round-trip car ride up with his wife in 2002.

They also took the scenic route going from Marysville to Washington and then north on the ALCAN highway. He had some good advice about preparing for the trip and what I’ll experience along the way. He knew what he was talking about, having been stationed in Alaska for three years. It’s great to talk to people who’ve been there. I’ve yet to talk to anyone who has been to Alaska who doesn’t speak somewhat wistfully about their experience and desire to return.

Thanks, Gene – hope you follow the trip and the photos bring back some fond memories!

Also – thanks to the guys at the Plaza Barber Shop (Marysville) for giving me some pointers and especially to Russell for lending me his portable 12V booster pack in case I run into some car issues…


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