Two days to departure:

Doing final preps for leaving on Tues/Wed. Packing, taking care of last minute honey-dos.

I have an array of protective lucky pieces hanging from my mirror to help protect me and Big Red (my faithful F150): A claddagh, an Irish cross, and a magic jade pendant from Scotland. I added a St. Christopher’s medal to the lot last week (he’s the patron saint of travelers) so I think I have some pretty good protection.

I’m not particularly religious and don’t believe in spirits but, just the same, you don’t want to start out a trip like this taunting the Great Dark Lord and those damn flying monkeys, do you?




One response to “Two days to departure:

  1. Our youngest son Jonah would be happy you had St. Christopher with you ! Since our arrival in OH, we put Jonah in a Catholic School with his cousins and we have also converted to the Catholic religion…..Jonah wears a St. Christopher necklas and never takes it off….

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