Indiana Loves Elvis (Who Doesn’t?)

While passing through downtown Indianapolis, I found this tribute to Elvis. It stands at the corner where an old arena used to be and was the site of Elvis’ last concert.

Site of Elvis' Last Concert

Note that they buried one of Elvis’ scarves in this along with some “words of remembrance” for the people of Indy to open 100 years after the monument was built.




Last year, I had the misfortune (I mean “opportunity”) to visit Elvis’ Graceland mansion in Memphis with my wife (an ardent Presley fan). Graceland was considered quite a place in the 60’s but it is surprising how small and unassuming it would be considered today (especially to a rock star). I enjoyed everything about the tour (which we had to do TWICE) except for the squishy sounds the carpet made after Donna had drooled everywhere as she pictured herself roaming through the house as Mrs. Presley.


One response to “Indiana Loves Elvis (Who Doesn’t?)

  1. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Drive safely, enjoy the road and keep posting. Enjoying the posts & pics—-and btw…. where did you learn to write so well?? cya……

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