Wild Horses, Mutinous GPS, Mayor Bob

Wild Hobby Horse Herd


While traveling through Fairbury, IL, I came upon a wild herd of hobby horses moving through this field. These wild horses are seldom seen so close to population centers.

Shhh...they spook easily...




Because they are so flighty, I had to crawl through some underbrush to get these amazing closeups.

Look how graceful they are!



Luckily, the farm had recently deposited a lot of manure on the field – I was able to hide behind the larger clumps to continue photographing.

I've Been Seen!!



OH, NO! The Palomino near the back of the herd has seen me and rears up in alarm! The herd quickly scattered leaving me and my manure alone in the field.


My TOMTOM GPS is configured to use a lovely British woman’s voice to give me directions and advice. While in Pontiac, IL, I plugged in Joliet for the next destination intending to travel the old Route 66 all the way. Unfortunately, my GPS lady wanted me to jump on the adjacent I-55 to get there quicker. Each time we would approach a crossroad that could take me over to the interstate, she would pleasantly direct me to turn.

As I continued to disregard her advice and cruise up the Mother Road, her voice started getting a little higher and a little more strident. (I understood her concern, as she had to recalculate the route each time I passed her turn, but I didn’t WANT the Interstate)

Her voice got louder and more insistent until, just before Odell, IL, she suddenly shrieked, “DAMMIT, KEITH! YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!” and the GPS went silent. After a moment, a man’s deep voice announced the next turn. When I went into the setup program, the British woman’s voice was GONE – no longer an option!

Sometimes I think today’s electronics are just a little too lifelike….


Pontiac, Illinois is a lovely place with a beautiful downtown square and many wonderful museums including the Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum and the Livingston County War Museum. In the back of their building is this beautiful mural – one of many in their town (see today’s photo album for more).

I had stopped in earlier to ask if the gentleman working there would take a picture of me and Big Red under the mural and, of course, he graciously agreed. When I returned to have the photo done, a different man was there and I asked if he would fill in. He smiled and immediately reached for the camera.

As we were walking out to the mural, he introduced himself as Bob Russell, Mayor of Pontiac. He had just been standing around the museum while the regular guy was doing a tour outside. I’m telling you, it’s a great city and a great bunch of people.


Today’s Travel: 172 miles

Total Distance Traveled To Date: 765


One response to “Wild Horses, Mutinous GPS, Mayor Bob

  1. This is great, I look forward to checking your trip out every day. I really think you should think about writing a travel book about the back roads and interesting sights.

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