Duluth is Superior, More Minn Backroads, Day of Rest

Sticking to my theme of music legends in the towns I’m visiting (for $200, Alex) – who hails from Duluth, that hotbed of 60s folk music?

Yep – Bob Dylan

I drove along this picturesque road until I happened upon a statue of Bob in his early years:

Bob Dylan in the 1060s…

Actually, that’s a statue of Leif Erikson, an even more favorite of Duluth and Minnesota (Vikings, get it?).  So, it looks like, with all the Erikson stuff including the very nice Leif Erikson waterfront park, that Leif must have discovered Minnesota so many years ago, eh?

No. Actually, Leif is credited with being the first European to come to North America sometime around the year 1000. But, there’s lots of arguments of whether he actually came as far west as Newfoundland, or if he only made it as far as Greenland. In any case, he never went down the St. Lawrence Seaway and he definitely never made it across ALL the Great Lakes to the end of Lake Superior. So, why is Minnesota so gung-ho on this guy? Because a bunch of Nordic people settled here eventually and wanted to thumb their noses at the second place finisher, Christopher Columbus.

So, even though Leif never made it to Duluth, it didn’t stop them from building a fine waterfront park with a great view of beautiful Lake Superior.

Lakeside Bike and Walking Path

Waiting for Leif


I had a nice time in Duluth. I actually did make it to an improv. Held at the Teatro Zuccone in downtown, it starred a troupe of seven in a cozy theater that seated 120. Drew Carey and his group have nothing to worry about, but the crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative and the people on stage gave it their best.

Other places in downtown:

Pro players should come here…

Thank goodness I found this place. I was down to my last bottle of urine cleaner…


I also visited the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center on the waterfront. It’s built next to an ‘aerial lift bridge’ that raises straight up to allow big ore carriers to head out to the lake. I arrived just as one was passing through.

She’s up…

and down..

Aerial view of the aerial bridge

Tall Ship comin’ through

Toured the M/V William A Irvin, an iron ore carrier for US Steel.

Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center

Lots of pics from inside the visitor center on the photo album page for today.


Left Duluth after visiting the waterfront and headed for Fargo, ND. Backroads all the way. Here’s what I saw:

Aitkin, MN

Must be insurance for the ‘fire and brimstone’

The architect gets free dental care.

Stopped here in Lake Park for a cone

More of the outside on the photo album page…

I’m sure this was a welcome sight at closing time…


I’m in Fargo, North Dakota, for a couple of days. Decided to take an extra day here to rest and recharge. I’ll be heading out to look at the Red River flooding on Sunday – but will mostly hang around the room and watch college baseball. Back on the road Monday to Bismarck, ND, and beyond.


Best quote heard today:

“We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.”

– Bryan White


Todays Travel:  298 miles

Total Travel To Date: 2288 miles


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