Cruisin’ Montana

First, let me say this – Montana is one beautiful state. From the grasslands in the west to the central buttes to the mountains in the east and north, it’s just gorgeous.

Since I didn’t stop anywhere special today, I wanted to provide a photo montage of the scenery in this great state.

Beartooth Mountains west of Billings

Butte-iful Montana

Outside Butte, Montana

Bridger Mountains north of Butte

More Bridger Mountains

Missour River

Every once in a while, there were these wide valleys between the mountains. I know that if I, as a pioneer back in the day, just finished slogging through those mountains and came upon these flatlands – it would be “Mama – unhitch the horses. We’re home.”

Mountain Paradise

My son would love this grass-cutting contract 'cause he just LOVES to cut grass!!

Crazy Mountains

Crazy Peak (11,209ft) just left of center

Rocky outcropping

Towering sides

Mountain Streams

This will get your attention..

No worries....this guy was on guard for the rattlers...

Tomorrow, I head into the dark north, crossing the border into Canada and into Calgary. Still about 500 miles BEFORE picking up the ALCAN highway for the push to Alaska.

There’s no photo album for today since I used them all here…


Today’s Travel:  393 miles

Total Travel To Date:  3353 miles


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