Marysville Ohio is now on the international map

The signpost forest in Watson Lake is impressive. Especially when you consider the rest of the town which is really, really tiny. The parking lot of the forest was packed and the tourist information building had a large number of visitors. The little grocery store and Kathy’s Cafe were doing a nice business as well. Pretty much all as a result of stopping to see the forest.

Welcome to the forest

At this time, there is an estimated 68,000 signs posted here and it takes quite a while to walk through them.

It’s an amazing array of signs: Official city signs, hand made family signs, signs with a message, signs that are just plain goofy. The young lady working the visitor counter said that many people passing by never heard of the forest and want desperately to post something so they spray-paint boards or even use magic markers to become part of the collection if only for the short life of these off-the-cuff creations.

There were a lot of empty spots on the posts, but most of the ones with good visibility were a little out of reach up high. Luckily, I met a couple, Dave and Alice, from Daytona Beach who had a small ladder in their camper that they were glad to loan me. I thought that my two-month journey was pretty big, but these two sold their house 11 months ago and have been on the road ever since.

With the help of my new friends, the Marysville sign was put in a place where it is very visible from the road so even passersby will know we rock!

I will post a lot more pics from the signpost forest in today’s photo album. There’s some good ones…


Okay – stupid story time.

When I was preparing for the trip, I was able to get the good folks at the Marysville Street Department to give me an old corporation limit sign to post in the forest. Then, the Marysville Journal Tribune did an article about the trip (and I’ll be sending them a pic of the posting).

Imagine the fun when I’m outside Chicago, three or four days into the trip, and my family calls and asks, “Dad, what do you want to do with this sign that you left in the garage?”  ARRRRRGHGHGGHGHH!

Too far to go back and the sign is too big to ship So, I contacted the good folks at FastSigns in Minneapolis, MN. I emailed them a copy of the photo of me holding the sign before the trip and had them make me a duplicate which I picked up three days later.  It’s beautiful.

Catastrophe avoided. Phew!


HEY – STOP SQUINTING!! Did you know you can double click on any of the photos to blow them up and see more details??



One response to “Marysville Ohio is now on the international map

  1. Well, it’s a shame that you left the official Marysville sign at home, but, it’s understandable since this was such a spur of the moment trip for you…and now that I know you can climb a ladder, I’ll have a nice, long Honey-Do list waitin’ for you when you get home!! Enjoy your break : )

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