Yer Kilts Is Showin’! Och, Aye!

It’s amazing when you think about it. I lived in London, England for a couple of years. I’ve visited Scotland numerous times during my military career. My family and I have visited England for two vacations totaling over a month of tourist time.

So, it truly is wonderful to arrive in Anchorage, Alaska and see that the 30th annual Alaska Scottish Games are being held on Saturday. Gotta go…

I got Big Red’s boo boo fixed at SafeLite before heading out. It was a typical Scottish day – overcast, cool, a bit windy. The only thing missing was the horizontal rain.

The games were being held at the Eagle River Lions Club Park in, well, Eagle River. Just a few miles down the road. I got there pretty early for me (9am) and watched some individual competitions in bagpipe:

And some drum and pipe competition:

and, of course, the athletic competition:

Heavy Weight Throw (56 lbs)


Hammer Throw (22 lbs)


56 lb Weight


What DOES a man wear under his kilt?


Caber Toss



The ladies were included:


28 lb weight


28 lb Weight for Height (tossing up and over the bar)


We have a winner

Of course, there was dancing:


Dance of the Swords

and good food:

mmmm...the antlers are chewy....

Lots o’ good highland music:

Even a visit from the Irish Ambassador to the U.S.


This showoff had a better camera than me

I know you’ve been wanting to see it:

Clan Watson coat of arms.....kneel, peasants



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