Family makes it to Anchorage – Officials warn public

Well, they made it. After a 2 hour flight from Columbus to Chicago followed by a couple of delays and then a 6 1/2 hour flight to Anchorage, Donna and Matt arrived full of pep and energy and ready to see the sights:

Since they didn’t arrive until 10 pm (2 am body time), they didn’t do much besides grab a quick snack and hit the racks.

On Tuesday, we went into downtown Anchorage in full tourist mode. We stocked up on pamphlets and maps at the visitors’ bureau –

Yes, that's grass on the roof!

Many native homes were built into the sides of hills where the natural surroundings regulated the inside temperature so that heating and cooling weren’t needed regardless of the outside temp. The roofs were covered with sod and the growing grass further strengthened them so that they could support large amounts of snow. Bonus – no snow shoveling. Drawback – you had to mow the roof periodically!

We took a one-hour narrated trolley tour to some interesting sights –

And saw the Cook Inlet mud flats again:

There are lots of signs posted to keep off the mud flats. There are lots of reports of people going out on the flats only to sink hip deep and then they can’t get out of the way of the incredibly fast incoming tide. And, with the average depth at 29ft at high tide – it’s curtains for anyone disregarding the warnings.

Of course, there were lots of tourist photo ops:

Matt LOVES Sarah Palin


Alaskan Buddha - rub his belly for luck


Well, that's that....need a new wife...


No littering!

Lots and lots of murals adorning all the buildings… here’s a sample:


Koo Koo Ka Choo



Iditarod Trail

We cruised by Ship Creek which runs right through town and is a path for spawning salmon. There’s a viewing bridge across the creek and there were about a hundred people lining the creek that day. One guy shows why:

Yes, folks, that's a salmon! (photo by Matt)

Today, we’re heading out to a wildlife conservation place to see animals being rehabilitated in the wild.

The long, long days of daylight are still unnerving. On most trips we’ve taken, the falling darkness has been a sign that it is time to head back to the hotel and get some rest. Now, we’re wandering the roads looking for stores that will stay open until the light gives out – to satisfy our lust for SHOPPING! Sigh.



2 responses to “Family makes it to Anchorage – Officials warn public

  1. Ha! Absolutely loved that first paragraph and picture. I laughed out loud!!

  2. I feel the same way about Palin!
    Loved the pic of Donna! Gee, when I have seen her, she has had a bit more “pep and energy.”

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