The Kenai Peninsula

Southeast of Anchorage is the Kenai Peninsula. It contains the famous port of Seward along with the old mining town of Hope, the artistic town of Homer, and various other little towns with long and colorful histories.

We headed out of Whittier on Saturday and was immediately welcomed to this beautiful place:

Geez....maybe they won't let us in


Now I'm sure of it...

We made a side trip into Hope which has preserved much of the original town (and there isn’t much) where people came after some miners on Sixmile Creek hauled in $40,000 in gold. At the peak, there were 3,o00 people in Hope. Today, the population is about 200 – mostly running restaurants and camping facilities.

Everybody's friendly

You might think that the town of Hope got its name from the hopeful miners who tried to strike it rich. Sorry – as the mining population began to grow, the locals were trying to decide what to call the town. On a whim, they decided to name it after the next person who got off the boat. So, when young Percy Hope strode up the gangway, he was surprised to see that he was suddenly famous.


Nice backyard. Looks good - hell to mow

Met this nice family along the way:

Mom knows all the best places to eat

Great to see these guys - but they have no fear of cars. Last month, there were over 2,000 moose/car accidents in Alaska

We headed on into Seward for the 4th of July weekend. It’s a pretty big deal here and will post more on it tomorrow. Don’t forget to check out the big July 1 Photo Album for lots of pictures of the Prince William Sound cruise!


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