Fireworks at Midnight, Mt. Marathon, and Kenai Wildlife

Had a great 4th of July here in Seward. The streets downtown were all closed for a street fair and for preparations for the 84th running of the Mt. Marathon race.

We had a fireworks show one minute after midnight on July 3rd. The sky was still pretty light, but the show was a definite success. It’s estimated that 30,000 people descended upon this tiny town for the festivities and most were here for the fireworks.

We had some time before the big race started, so we took a walk on the 1.5 mile Two Lakes Trail at the base of Mt. Marathon. Nice walk, typical woodlands setting:

Lake #1

Lake #2

Then we heard a little rustling in the brush and came face to face with this guy:

About 20 feet away from us

We knew that he was a young ‘un, so we started watching for mama and, sure enough, she was around the next couple of trees:

She didn’t seem to be particularly upset at seeing us, so we just stood and watched them eat for about 15 minutes before continuing on the trail.

After the walk, we headed into Seward to get some grub and get ready for the start of the race.

Downtown Seward

Music provided by an Air Force band

Dancing provided by local drunks

They gathered here for the start of the race

And here’s the 3.1 mile course:

Yep - to the top and back

The race to the top of Mount Marathon includes an elevation gain of 28,000 feet, with an average angle of 38 degrees, with the steepest slope of 60 degrees. The terrain includes rocky slopes, a waterfall crossing, racer-congestion at its base, and the possibility of a dangerous, if not fatal fall. Who could resist?

The grey section of the mountain is loose shale - guaranteed to be a problem both up and down

Winning time was 44 minutes 40 seconds, a full two minutes off the record. A little rain just before the start of the race contributed to the slower time as the shale got increasingly slipperier.

There were some signs of the dangerous race circuit:

The oldest runner in the race was the 81-year-old on the right

This young man came out to help his dad finish

The appropriate spirit was here

That's a tough, long way to carry this flag

There’s a nice photo album for our first two days in Seward. Seward is located on Resurrection Bay and surrounded by mountains –  another fabulous natural wonder. Added bonus: the weather has just been terrific! Check it out!


One response to “Fireworks at Midnight, Mt. Marathon, and Kenai Wildlife

  1. Wow, and I thought it was annoying to see one runner fly past us when we visited Diamond Head on Oahu. This would have been too much to take. The bloody runner said it all!

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