Alaska In My Rear View Mirror

Here’s some pics from the M/V Columbia, the ferry that brought me down from Haines, AK:

My cabin. Sorry I didn't catch it before I mussed it up. THIS - to a submariner - is LUXURY!

Forward viewing section where you can watch the fog come at you.

This is the 'Solarium'. Many people spent nights in these recliners. Oh, those hardy Alaskans!

This is the tent city where many camped on the fantail. Better than recliners!

The car deck where Big Red slept...

Like all Alaska, they are big on murals.


I laughed every time I walked by this sign. Obviously designed by a government official.


It was a nice boat ride. Saw some pods of Commerson Dolphins, also called black-and-white dolphins:

Very cool looking. There were dozens of them playing off the side of the ship.

Of course, there was more great scenery:

Many islands dot the inside passage.

Nice house and boat near Ketchikan.

Bunches of ferries working these passages.

Ketchikan was an odd place. It was easily the largest place we stopped at on the trip down and we had about six hours in which to go ashore.

Old downtown Ketchikan

I walked through the old town and then started seeing endless lines of jewelry stores. I’m talkin’ dozens and dozens of these lined up on block after block with people standing outside trying to pull you in. How could so many jewelers exist in such a crowded space?


Ketchikan's International Airport

You even have to take a ferry to get from the city to the airport.

This is kind of an odd pose, don't you think?

So long, Alaska. It's been fun.

I’ve posted a bunch more photos in a photo album for today, July 15. Enjoy!


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