I Say Po-Tah-To, Guy Stuff, Dust To Dust

I couldn’t leave Idaho without visiting the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho. As a lifelong supporter of spuds, I was thrilled (and hungry) after seeing the front:


Inside, I was treated to more info about potatoes that I ever thought possible:

Luther Burbank - Head Spud

His baby - the Russet Burbank - best 'baker' in the world

Real men's mashers

Mr. Potato Head rocks...

World's Largest Potato 'Crisp' (from Cincinnati, of course)

Hot chicks love spuds

Even Marilyn was crazy about starch

Wow - in full color!

Idaho is damned proud of their potatoes and, after sitting through a 30 minute film about the history and processing of potatoes, I’m damned proud of Idaho. And I bought Donna one of these potato sack dresses on the way out.

You’re welcome, honey.


Out in the desert north of Salt Lake City is the ATK Thiokel Rocket Development Center and home to some of the finest inventions ever to make things go up, go fast, or go boom. And they let me run around and play with them in their display out front:

Grown Men's Playground

SM-2 Standard missile

Reuseable Rocket Booster for Space Shuttle

Air Force Minuteman I

Itty bitty rockets that will mess you up

The best - Trident C4 (I rode many a patrol loaded with these)

This bad boy is why you don't speak Russian

Rocket test platforms built into the hillside


As I’ve made my way across the U.S., I’ve stayed on back roads as much as possible. As such, I’ve traveled through many small towns – some mere remnants of their past. There’s always something still standing from when these towns were thriving – a vital center of the surrounding settlements. As I grab a photo of each one, I try to visualize it when it was in its glory. Enjoy:

Even some places that have shut down can still provide a service:

Beatin' the heat


I also get a kick out of some of the better signs along the way. I loved this one:

Are the worms a treat?


Today’s Travel:  179 miles

Total Travel To Date:  10,544 miles


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