Amazing Arches, A Nice Sunday Drive, Critters

Today was one of those days where I covered a fair amount of distance (about 361 miles), all of it on back roads, and never got tired of the drive. The scenery changed dramatically during the ride and there was beauty around every corner to keep me occupied. These are the great times of a road trip.

Started off in Green River, Utah, and headed south to the Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. I wanted to get there early because (1) the temperature was going to be well over 100 degrees and (2) the place is supposed to be packed on the weekends after lunch. As I made the trip down to the park, the landscape turned from desert brush and mesas to a tad more rocky:

Just outside Green River

A little further south

Must be getting close to Arches Park

And, we're there...

Arches National Park is one of those truly awe-inspiring places. It is very difficult to describe the impact that these massive boulders and rock formations have on you as you look across miles of beauty.

Arches National Park's front door

I’m only going to put a few photos of the park in this post. I’ve created a large photo album for July 24 that is packed with pictures.  Here are some of my favorites, though:

This is Park Place - named because the large flat structures on the right remind you of the facades of buildings in the city.

These are the "Three Gossips". I nicknamed them Donna, Rebecca, and Nadia. Names are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real people is well deserved.

Arches' version of the Balanced Rock

Some handsome guy just outside of the Garden of Eden

Double Arch

This is the arch on the left. Got an idea about the scale of these things?

Devil's Garden - again, check out the size compared to those buses

When I was heading into Devil’s Garden, I happened to glance down at Big Red’s odometer. Weird, huh?

Do you see it?

How about now?

Needless to say, I filled the camera with great stuff. Check out the photo album for some real treats. And if you ever get out this way, this is one place not to miss…


After leaving Arches, I went across some back roads into Colorado. About ten miles inside the border, the land changed from the massive, rocky, red soil to this:


Just gorgeous

Blue Mesa Lake

Aptly named

Driving through the valley, I got to meet some critters:

Prairie Dogs

They had taken over this field. The holes were everywhere and it seemed like each one had a little guy looking around.

This little lass was grazing alongside the road

After crossing that valley and rounding the lake, the landscape got interesting again as I headed into the Rocky Mountains:


I made it across the Rockies today and into Salida, Colorado. Tomorrow, I head for Pueblo and parts east. Stay tuned.


Today’s Travel:  361 miles

Total Travel To Date:  10, 905 miles


10 responses to “Amazing Arches, A Nice Sunday Drive, Critters

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! You gonna be in big trouble, mister….you’ve made fun of the Circlets!! That 666 on your odometer was a sign!

  2. *GASP!*
    From now on, I am going by the name Betty Lou!

  3. I’m claiming the skinniest formation for me! I figure if you can be outrageously untrufhful so can I! Thats OK though, we got you back ahead of time… Helped Donna spend all your money! In facf, we were so busy spendin’ we didn’t have time for gossipin’ !!!

  4. I claim the skinny formation!! I figure if you can exagerate outrageously so can I!! And don’t laugh too hard at your witty updates… we got you back ahead of time! We helped Donna spend all of her money and YOURS. In fact, we were so busy spendin’ there wasn’t any time to gossip!

  5. Oh, my goodness! You are traveling in just about the most beautiful area in the world! My hubby and I were close to that area last year in July! We went to Monument Valley and points of interest in/around Four Corners. I want to go back! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! Especially…the three gossips!

  6. Ever feel.. oh, I don’t know… like you are in a pickle?

  7. Amazing photos and love the ” Three Gossips”, Mr. Pickle!!! lol


  8. If you want to SEE what it looks like to be in a pickle… specifically what YOU look like in a pickle…. I mean, a PICKLE COSTUME, then go to my blog:

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