Scenes From The Heartland

Cruising through Colorado and Kansas, the land becomes flat and open and, with the temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, the distant horizon was seen through waves of heat rising from ground. But, Big Red’s A/C was blowing cool and there was history out there, so we pushed on. (Don’t forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them…)

Before leaving the mountains in Colorado, I got to see some of those burbling, noisy mountain streams that Donna loves so much:

Arkansas River

Shortly, these folks came by – whooping and hollering:

There's lots worse places to be on a sweltering day...

The flat plains were perfect for these babies:

Dodge City, Kansas, where the Wild West calls home:

This seems awfully civilized for so wild a time...

Each little town along the way had its own little bit of history:

Garfield, Kansas

Lyons, Kansas

Lyons, Kansas

Kinsley, Kansas

Stopping over in Topeka for the night and heading to Hannibal, Missouri tomorrow. Should be an interesting stop.


Last Two Days’ Travel: 626 miles

Total Travel To Date:  11,531 miles


One response to “Scenes From The Heartland

  1. I’ve started looking at real estate in Estes Park so that I can have one of those burbling streams (I don’t need a babbling brook ’cause I already have a husband that babbles!!). Since we’ll be the opposite of “snow birds”, I’m not sure what kind of birds we’ll be…maybe just a couple of old cuckoo birds!! But at least I’ll have my stream!

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