Happy Daddy’s Day, Your Hero Is In A Pickle

My wife used to quilt. She was good at it. When she was done, I could lie around with a nice, comfy quilt stuffed up under my chin and watch football in a warm, toasty cocoon.

She entered some of her quilts in contests and won some ribbons. I was very proud. She also made some wonderful quilts that commemorated some important moment in our lives or celebrated a place we lived. When she hung the quilts around the house, I was very happy.

Quilts are good.

Then, she heard about this evil thing called ‘Scrapbooking’. Day and night she would sit in her room and glue tiny little objects together and laugh out loud at her work. I was very sad.

Every week it was a new machine, a new paper, a new stamp. Every trip out had to include a visit to Michaels or JoAnns. I was very broke.

I was on the road when Father’s Day came this year. I opened a nice card from my wife and got a nice call from Matthew. When they met me in Anchorage for our vacation, they presented me with a Father’s Day present that Donna had worked many late nights on. When they left, I wouldn’t let them take it because I wanted to look at it some more later on the trip.

Here’s what she created. Please excuse the lighting in the photography but feel free to click on them to see a bigger picture:

When he was very little, Matthew called McDonald's "The Letter M". I told him I could cook him a hamburger just like the Letter M.

We had a huge inflated football from a local video store. Matthew loved to kick it and then roll around on top of it.

First trip to Florida to visit Grandma

Indian Thumb Wrestling...Dad is still undefeated

big pretzel from Germany

I do have a few stories to tell...

Poor kid...

After a surgery, I let my 'beard' grow. After two months, it was less than he could do in a week. Rotten kid.

I demand a recount...

I love you too, buddy...

So, I don’t have any new quilts to wrap up in but, it’s funny how this little collection gets me all toasty and warm just the same….

Thanks, honey…


Speaking of scrapbooking, Donna belongs to a group of troublemakers that she calls her “circlets” or “cricklets” or something like that (don’t those sound like those little squares of gum). All has to do with that evil CRICUT machine that allows them to put their memories down in fancy creations – not like when I was a kid when all we had were those rounded end scissors and paste that dried in your hair. Did I ever tell you about the time….oh, never mind.

Anyway, I recently visited the Arches National Park in Utah and posted a picture of a unique rock formation called “The Three Gossips”. If you missed it, here’s another pic:

I renamed them “Donna”, “Rebecca”, and “Nadia” based on input from thousands of “Clicklets” who said they were easily the most gossipy of the group.

Nadia responded by putting me ‘in a pickle’. You got to go see this at:


It’s very funny. I’m especially pleased with the legs in tights – not many Navy men could carry that off…

I spoke with several thousand more ‘Chirplets’ who let me know that they side with me on this whole thing and think Nadia is getting off too easy.

In light of the feedback I have gotten from these millions of ‘Crockletts’, I believe it is appropriate to dub Nadia:

“The CRICUT Whisperer”

Carry on.


8 responses to “Happy Daddy’s Day, Your Hero Is In A Pickle

  1. OK–I must say, you get two gold stars and a bell for displaying Donna’s project. Of all of the beautiful pictures you have displayed, and there have been so many, I must say that her project might just beat them all. I saw one page of this that she posted on the messageboard, but to see them all really makes quite a statement, especially coming from the recipient.
    …..Now, on to the lies that you have told…you and I both know that you have not accessed the Crocklett-Chicklet-Chirplet network, but I do read the desperation of needing to. Sadly, I must tell you, as I was gossiping about it just this morning, that they are all on my side. Nice try.
    -Nadia, The Cricut Whisperer

  2. Nadia ROCKS!!!!!!!! not pun intended. You has you beat by several miles.

    p.s. – you NEVER contacted me!

  3. absolutely hilarious……

    I too am a crocklet chirplet..cricut fairy….cricut circlet…cricklet
    (oh and I also quilt)

  4. Tis better to be on the bright side of the Cricut Circle than the dark side of the pickle! You know you wish you could cross over to our side!!! Safe travels Mr. Funny!

  5. Debbie Juillerat

    Another vote for Nadia, from a fellow cricklet, crocklet, chirplet. You’ve got a keeper there, mister keithinalaska…keep the money coming!! ;D

  6. Crazy Cricut Lady

    Ok Mr. Funny, you should really talk to the circlets before announcing they side with you, even my DH (retired Navy) knows better than to mess with the Cricut Circlets 🙂

  7. Patty McNally

    Safe travels to you Mr Pickle! Love that you appreciate the beautiful album your wife made for you. We C (insert Circlets, Cricklets, Clicklets, or Chirplets and Crockletts) think she is amazing and it’s plain to see that her hubby is a “pickle” but a nice guy!

    Patty aka SouthernGypsy

  8. LOL beware you just poked the bear! =D Beautiful album and a very handsome pickle.


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