June 14 Photo Album – Bismarck to Billings

More pics of little Regent, ND


Roadside sights:

Actually, this is just the vault still standing

A vision off in the distant fog...

The mist clears...what can it be?

Why - it's Salem Sue - the largest Holstein cow in the world!

She's a big 'un. Maybe I need to introduce her to that giant bull in Jamestown...


Stopped over for gas in the town of Forsyth, Montana. Population: 1944. Total number of casinos: 5.

Nice Main Street downtown

Who wouldn't want to stay at the "Howdy Hotel"??

Rosebud County Courthouse

Funny story about the courthouse. In 1911, the county realized it needed a new courthouse and passed a bond issue for $125,000 to fund the construction. Gray’s Construction did the work, but when the local paper found out that the costs had exceeded the appropriation by $40K, the editor filed suit against the county commissioners and stopped any further expenditure. Gray’s was worried about not being paid the balance of the money, so they refused to turn over the keys. The foreman even went so far as to lock himself inside and hide above the ceiling.

Eventually, a grand jury found that the building’s design was ‘imposing and attractive’ and the interior was ‘very harmoniously and attractively decorated’ and that the additional costs were justified, letting the county commissioners off the hook.



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