June 5 Photo Album – Chicago

Inside the Hard Rock
Love All Feed All
Elvis’ Music Box
“Hey – Pete needs some new strings!”
No, Donna. You may NOT put this one in the attic!!
First Ray Kroc McDonalds (Des Plaines, IL)
Remember – burger, fries, coke and get change back from a buck?
Place was closed but, apparently, you can’t get the help to go home…now THAT’S dedication
Leaning Tower of NILES?
Oh, sure….Niles….

Originally built as a water tower for filling a community pool – it’s 1/2 scale of the original and is 7.4 feet off plumb (half of Pisa’s 15 feet off – makes sense!). Now it is in front and part of the YMCA seen in the background. Not open to the public, but the surrounding piazza was created in 1996 and hosts concerts and other civic gatherings.

Harry Caray’s place at the Navy Pier
Navy Pier Fun Park
View of the Second City from the pier
  • Anchor from the USS Chicago (CA-136) – 3rd ship to be named after the city
In Chicago – you comin’?
Or Goin’?

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