2. Path of Destruction

The plan is to head due west from beautiful Marysville, Ohio to Indiana and Illinois, then north through Wisconsin and Minnesota, across North Dakota to Great Falls, Montana.

From there, it’s across the Canadian border and up to Calgary and Edmonton. Then I’ll pick up the ALCAN (Alaska-Canadian Highway) all the way to the Alaska state line, then on to Anchorage.

On the return trip, I’ll be catching one of the Alaska Maritime Ferries out of Haines and take a 5 day sail down the Inside Passage and west coast of Canada into Bellingham, WA.  This is supposed to be some of the most beautiful scenery one can imagine.

Alaska Maritime Ferry MV Kennicott

Once back in the lower 48 states, I’ll visit Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Then I’ll head east for the trek home through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the cornfields of Nebraska and Iowa, and back into Illinois, Indiana and, finally, home.

Total trip should take about two months. Once completed, I’ll only have Vermont and New Hampshire to complete a visit to all fifty states and a check mark on the bucket list.


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